Quirkiest clubs you might find on campus

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Quirkiest clubs you might find on campus 

1. Quidditch Club - Oxford University

It’s not just limited to imaginary world of Harry Potter. At many universities in the UK and America, you too can pretend you are a student at Hogwarts.

2. Cheese Club 

University of Wisconsin, Madison

It’s not popular in China, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn about this magical food item while at college.

3. Mustache Club - Carleton College

Mustaches may have fallen out of favor after the 1980s, but a rare few university clubs are dedicated to bringing them back to the spotlight.

4. Society for Gentlemanly Pursuits 

 Keele University

From cognac to cigars, the Society for Gentlemanly Pursuits will teach you to savor the finer things in life - and be a real man while doing it.


5. The Pirate Society 

 University of Sussex

Prepare to plunder the seven seas of college life as you don your tricorne hats and bar wench dresses. Sussex’s Pirate Society is only for the true salty dogs.

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